me on top of a really tall building

I am first a follower of God and then wife and mom of three beautiful children.

I have the great pleasure in life to have done many things, including working in the worlds of finance and medicine.

I am now a doctor who looks at the big picture and sees nations and communities as her patients.

I presently work for Every Nation Ministries as a consultant in community service, helping our churches and other nonprofits around the world to serve their communities better.

I have written a 12-chapter Bible study on community service that is meant to turn the average small group into capable, ready and confident servants of God.  Groups that work through the study will learn about their role in serving the community, how evangelism and service go together (hint: they do!) and some basic but essential practices to improve their chances of success, among other topics.  It is both theoretical and practical and is meant to get the average church-goer off the bench and into the game of advancing the Kingdom of God.  I am looking for a publisher right now, so stay tuned for availability.

This blog is meant to equip believers with some basic how-to’s of community service, stir in people a desire to serve others and encourage people to seek after God in their lives.  In addition to all this, God sometimes teaches me simple but impactful lessons while I hang out with the kids, minister to others, garden, do laundry or cook and I will sometimes share those musings as well.  This blog is also meant to be a conversation, so please talk back, respond, and tell me how something has impacted you or your experience with it.  We are all richer from our interactions with other people.  I will warn you, though, no spam please – that will get you blocked faster than chocolate melts on pavement in Nashville in July.

God bless you and your families!  And let the conversation begin…..

Dr. Cristy

  1. Rev. Rhea Hosein said:

    Hi I was blessed to link up with a woman of like passion, and vision. I minister to 45 congregations and believe God is saying GO OUT TO THE COMMUNITY NOW. I would appreciate any help in training my youths to do so. Blessings!

    • drcristy said:

      So great to hear from you! I have written a bible study for those interested in community development and am looking at options for self-publishing currently. When it becomes available I will post links on this blog! Thank you for your dedication to Go!

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