Love Covers All

In my last blog post, I shared that I have been doing a lot of DIY projects to get our home in Nashville ready to list for sale. At some point, I will post some pictures, a la my friend Debt Free Decorating, with before and after shots. But I was painting in the dining room the other day and a scripture literally came to mind. The dining room’s original color was this great, deep red. The only issue was that red in a dining room was so-early 2000’s and a friend who knows these things recommended I go to a more subtle color, so as not to shock people right when they enter my home.
Do you know how hard it is to cover over red? I was told it could take five coats of paint, wow! So, I first put on two coats of an “oops” primer I picked up at Home Depot – anything to start muting the color. During my first coat of two coats of the lovely and evidently subtle new slate green color, I had a revelation about a verse in 1 Peter.

1 Peter 4:18
Above all, keep fervent in your love for one another, because love covers a multitude of sin.

Just like FOUR coats of paint were necessary to cover the red, the only thing that can cover our sin is fervent and patient love, love from God and love from each other. That word “cover” that Peter uses here is better translated as “forgive”. Just as it took me four coats of paint to cover the red, often my sin needs to be forgiven many times, sometimes in the same day it seems. During this process of planting a church and leaving the comfortable, every single insecurity I’ve ever struggled with has popped up and reared its ugly head.

Thankfully, God and my husband love me! God, who forgives and gently convicts, then helps me move past it, has been so patient with me in this season. And my husband, who has just hugged me and told me to pray, has been the encourager I’ve needed to move out of our comfort zone. And thankfully, I’m no longer struggling with those insecurities. Because of the love of God, I’ve moved from struggle to victorious. You no longer see those things, just like I no longer see red in my dining room.

Questions: Who is covering your sin with their love? Has God forgiven your sins and do you trust Him to continue this process? Whose sin do you cover?

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